Our team of communications experts have a passion for their job. They possess unique Stylissime know-how and interpersonal skills with which they capture and communicate the identities of the brands they represent to produce maximum engagement and multiple media impressions.

Nadine Lajoie

President and founder

Known for her meticulous attention to detail and her expertise in global brand communications strategies, Nadine Lajoie has 20 years’ experience in developing high-impact, national public relations campaigns that create a lot of noise and awareness. She’s the woman behind Stylissime. The secret to her success? Vision, a tireless work ethic, an established network and the ability to nail the right balance between a brand’s expertise and its wow factor.

“I enjoy generating buzz, but what excites me the most is creating deep feelings for a brand!”

Marie-Janelle Larivée

Senior digital and social media manager

Founder and chief editor for Blog and the City, Marie-Janelle was part of the first generation of blog creators, a pioneer of this new media tool and powerful lifestyle influencer. Along with her experience as a marketing strategist, content manager and project leader, the creation of maximum-impact web content holds no secrets for this geek, whose daily tasks involve managing social media for more than 15 client accounts.

“There’s nothing more stimulating than working in a field that pushes you to surpass yourself and use oriented creativity every day!”

Alizée Imhoff

Senior Public Relations & Content Manager - Ontario & Western Canada

With years of experience in public relations & content creation in Ontario, Western Canada, and Quebec Alizée brilliantly masters the art of decoding a client’s language and translating it into topics of interest to journalists and influencers. Her expertise and rigour allow her to successfully build and manage large-scale public relations campaigns, guided by a single objective: making clients shine on all media platforms.

“My credo: the right message, to the right person, at the right time!”

Émeric Paré

Communications coordinator

As a thoughtful and diligent worker, Émeric accomplishes everything with uncompromising thoroughness. This self-confessed millennial is not afraid to shake things up and challenge conventional ways of doing things. In doing so, he maximizes the effectiveness of our clients’ public relations campaigns with audiences of all ages and all socio-economic profiles.

“Getting people to discover products, places, services and trends is totally my thing!”

Lauren Wolff

Partner and consultant, English Canada

A communications specialist with more than 15 years’ experience, Lauren Wolff is recognized for her expertise in global brand communications and has developed compelling and effective public relations that have generated widespread attention and awareness. The keys to her success are an unmatched ability to listen to journalists, communication strategies that are continually adapted to changing market needs, an established network and an approach geared to obtaining a measurable return on investment.

“Some of the best aspects of my job involve responding to the needs of media and providing them with relevant information that they will then turn around and share.”