A personalized service that will make you shine

Stylissime develops effective, persuasive strategies that both
deliver your message and shape a strong, one-of-a-kind brand image.
Our offensives produce concrete, forward-looking results.

Media relations and influencers

  • Development of communication and public relations strategies
  • Execution of targeted, effective media campaigns
  • Identification and mobilization of influencers
  • Creation of partnerships
  • Training of ambassadors and spokespersons
  • Design, writing and production of media content and material
  • Creation and coordination of events, press launches, annual meetings
  • Media releases and influencer outreach
  • Media monitoring and impact reports
  • Evaluation and measurement of the effectiveness of communication activities

Social media management

  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of social media platforms
  • Creation of accounts on the different social media platforms
  • Strategic planning and community management
  • Research and selection of editorial and visual content adapted to the various platforms
  • Creation of posting schedules
  • Writing and translation of posts
  • Strategic postings and dissemination to maximize engagement
  • Monitoring, interaction and engagement management service
  • Assessment and measurement of the effectiveness of social media communications activities

Content creation

  • Production of editorial and visual content adapted to the different platforms
  • Development of the editorial and visual approaches based on the brand’s DNA and target audiences
  • Concept development: definition of themes and content categories
  • Definition of communication and engagement objectives


  • Design and coordination of media and private events
  • Development of the theme according to the communications objective and the brand’s DNA
  • Content creation: invitations, on-site atmosphere and brand experience
  • Development and management of mailing lists and invitations
  • Supplier and sponsorship sourcing
  • On-site logistics