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Social Media Content Creation and Community Management

The Quebec-based probiotic brand Bio-K+ hired Stylissime to position themselves as a lifestyle brand while messaging around their products’ daily consumption. In only three months, our content creators and community management specialists were able to revamp Bio-K+’s scientific content into an approachable and lifestyle one that speaks to both the brand’s fan and mass market, ultimately raising brand awareness.


National Influencer Campaign – Winter 2019

  • 2,2 M impressions
  • 5 % average engagement
  • 40+ paid and earned influencers
  • more than 100 social media responses

Heading into the winter, Boiron Canada wanted to generate buzz around its homeopathic medicine Oscillococcinum – the health product of choice to have on hand as soon as the first flu symptoms appear. The target clientele being mothers, Stylissime contacted more than 40 moms from coast to coast and invited them to discover Boiron “2019 winter comfort kit”! Not only these women began to use the medicine but they also shared their discovery with their community, via Instagram, as well as on Rythme FM’s radio show Jamais trop tôt, on Global News’ The Parenting Show…


Media Relations and Influencer Marketing

  • 2 million impressions
  • 20 influencers & micro-influencers
  • 120 appearances in all media combined

Klorane needed to improve its awareness in Canada. In just a few months, we have been able to increase the brand love rating through a media relations and influencer campaign, combining earned and paid media. A brilliant success with comments tinged with authenticity by the most influent moms and top media in the country!


Digital Strategy & Annual Facebook Account Management

  • 13 million impressions
  • 4,1 K comments
  • 7,9 K shares

Ultramar was trying to infuse to its social media a reason to be and a reason for customers to identify themselves to its gas stations. Having built a digital communications strategy judiciously aligned around a line of communications, we have been able to generate an engagement beyond benchmarks! From fitting into people’s everyday life to being featured by Denis Drolet is the unplanned result of a rigorous communications strategy. Watch the funny and authentic viral video that is part of the of communications “see you on the way!”

Staminum Supersnacks

National Influencer Campaign – Summer 2019

  • 1,8 M impressions
  • 3 % average engagement
  • 40 paid and earned influencers
  • more than 120 social media responses

The Staminum Supersnacks wanted to generate awareness and excitement around its newly launched snack: Baru Nut. Making its first appearance at the wholesale distributor Costco, the brand needed to generate positive sentiment and buzz around the product to retain its distribution contract. In only two months, Stylissime managed to attract the interest of more than 40 influencers, including nutritionists, healthy food addicts and fitness enthusiasts. The result: Baru nuts are now the new nuts to have on hand at all times, for a healthy snack low in calories and rich in fibre and vegetable protein!

Ma Zone Québec

Social Media Content Creation and Community Management

• 20,776 Facebook and Instagram followers (100% growth)
• 330 publications
• A higher engagement rate than its competitors
• A brand image that resonates meaningfully with both entrepreneurs and consumers

At a time where Quebec finds itself in the midst of a global health crisis – COVID-19- Stylissime plays a key role in supporting Ma Zone Québec’s founders in defining their brand’s values and voice. The agency is also in charge of the platform’s social media channels content creation and community management. Ma Zone Québec grew rapidly into the number one e-commerce platform in Québec, featuring local entrepreneurs’ products and services for the greatest pleasure of Quebecers.

Public Beach

Brand DNA & Editorial Voice

Public Beach, a brand-new Montreal-based men’s swimwear company owned by Rallye international, hired Stylissime to not only define their brand attributes but also to simplify their website’s user experience. Our web communications specialists reviewed and improved the brand’s editorial content as well as the design of the site, creating a simple and fun shopping experience that speaks to sophisticated men.


Social content creation

Always attentive to its customers and eager to spark emotion while successfully positioning its promotional campaigns, Ultramar mandated Stylissime to create entertaining and engaging content that supports both the brand’s positioning and DNA. The result: a constantly growing Facebook page whose engagement rate exceeds industry benchmarks!


Influencer campaign – Winter 2018

  • 1,8 million impressions
  • 5 influential ambassadors

Stylissime was hired by Boiron Canada to generate awareness and excitement around Oscillococcinum – the health product of choice to have on hand as soon as the first flu symptoms appear. To broaden access to this homeopathic medicine and generate word-of-mouth amongst target consumers, Stylissime selected five lifestyle and wellness influencers. These women and mothers, who had already been taking this medicine for several years, testified as to its effectiveness. These authentic conversations shone the spotlight on this flu remedy that helps people stay healthy in winter!

Stylissime Media Boutique

Media and Influencer Event

  • 20 press media in one on one meeting
  • 150 contacts exposed to our clients

More than a douzen of SME’s and multinationals in the food industry turned to Stylissime in order to pique media and influencers’ curiosity around their products and services!
Bringing together complementary businesses in the food and wellness industry
Boutique Media banner, have enabled us to attract and convince tier-A media, to dedicate 2 hours of their time to meet and listen to 12 of our clients’ speeches. They had the opportunity to meet with the journalists from Ricardo, Coup de Pouce, Metro Montreal, Chatelaine, Huffington Post to name just a few!
The next editions, on the theme of beauty & food, will take place next November in Montreal & Toronto.

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Yellow Tail

Public Relations Campaign and Media Event

  • 12.5 million impressions
  • 18 media appearances

Yellow Tail, a brand of Australian wines that emphasizes the appreciation of unpretentious simplicity, mandated Stylissime to develop a media relations campaign. The goal was to generate awareness for Yellow Tail in Ontario. Stylissime’s public relations team in Toronto got to work and soon created a media event decked out in the brand’s colours to introduce the world of Yellow Tail to wine and spirits, lifestyle and women’s media. Attendees interacted with the brand, tasted new sparkling wines and took part in a cocktail creation workshop. Followed up by a comprehensive media relations blitz, this campaign made Yellow Tail Red & Pink Moscato Bubbles the top-of-mind sparkling wine for Christmas and Valentine’s Day!


Summer of Chefs – Media Relations and Influencer Marketing

  • 87 million impressions
  • 315 media appearances and 401 Instagram postings
  • 36%: annual growth in media reach

Balnea’s Summer of Chefs is an annual summer gastronomic happening that brings together 10 of Quebec’s best chefs. Stylissime’s mandate: generate ongoing and increased media coverage from one year to the next. To create greater exposure for the event and make sure it would be the hot topic of the summer in all media, the agency gathered a panel of popular influencers and introduced the Summer of Chefs to all the lifestyle and gastronomy media channels in Quebec via a series of deftly targeted strategies. Our efforts increased awareness for Balnea, one of the most popular spas around!


Annual Facebook Account Management

  • +4%: increase in the rate of engagement of their Facebook account

The Rockland shopping centre felt it was time to rejuvenate and revitalize its social media image, so they gave us a call. Stylissime developed a highly specific content strategy with the goal of increasing the rate of engagement of Rockland’s Facebook community. Result: the brand image was noticeably enhanced, and the rate of engagement for this already high-performing account increased significantly.



Management Event

  • 50 senior managers and partners targeted

To mark the end of a profitable year, Ultramar’s directors wanted to strengthen their ties with their partners, so they approached Stylissime to create and run a private evening. Using the theme of “On se voit en chemin” (See you on the road), our strategists concocted an exclusive event to showcase the brand’s attributes. More than 50 senior managers and partners had the opportunity to interact with the brand, and having contributed to the company’s success over the last few years, their sense of belonging to Ultramar was thus reinforced.

Quartz Vodka

Public relations campaign and VIP event

  • 14 million impressions in under 6 months
  • 91 appearances in all media combined

Domaine Pinacle, in collaboration with Lise Watier, created Quartz, a Quebec vodka of unmatched purity. Stylissime’s mandate: introduce this exceptional vodka to this province’s media and influencers. Stylissime dreamed up and produced a major PR campaign to turn this vodka into the talk of the town. The agency’s team of creatives and event designers crafted a luminous, shimmering event on Le Parquet of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. From the founders’ speeches to the tasting led by a mixologist, the message of the brand’s expertise and the Quartz experience was dazzlingly showcased, making this new vodka the drink on every journalist’s and influencer’s lips. This media campaign made Quartz vodka the SAQ’s number one seller for the period!

René Furterer

Hair Events

  • 100 hair stylists targeted

For the launch of Absolue Kératine, its new line of professional shampoos, René Furterer hair care called on the services of Stylissime to create a signature event. The objective set by our event strategists was to generate buzz and engagement with hair stylists, René Furterers front-line ambassadors. We hired a Westmount florist to create an Absolue Kératine summer garden setting that engaged the senses and put the emphasis on naturalness to showcase the brand. Over 100 hair stylists discovered the brand’s new flagship product and its attributes, while developing a privileged relationship with René Furterer’s directors.  

Local B

Annual Instagram Account Management

  • 100%: increase in the number of followers

Local B, a hugely popular hair salon in Outremont, mandated Stylissime to manage its Instagram account. Our agency established the foundation for its digital communications that would allow the salon to present its expertise and services to Montrealers.